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Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Lock

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Here is why you need to upgrade to Fingerprint Door Lock

  • Fool-Proof Protection

  • Personalized Security Just For You

  • No Danger Of Getting Lock Picked

Secure Any Room, With Peace Of Mind

With an industry-leading fingerprint scanner, the fingerprint door lock instantly recognizes your fingerprint and unlocks the door in 3/10th of a second. Eliminate the hassle of carrying keys with you. Just touch it and open it. 

You can authorize 50 different fingerprints at a single time on Fingerprint Door Lock

Why Fingerprint Door Lock?

Fingerprint Door Lock ensures the safety of your room or apartment, unlike other locks that can be picked, this offers a robust industry-leading lock mechanism that only unlocks the door after getting the required fingerprint.

Multiple Lock Modes

You set three different types of locks

  • Fingerprint Lock
  • A Passcode Lock
  • A secret key chamber for working like a conventional lock

A Well Thought Out Design

The fingerprint door lock is properly designed and well thought out for every scenario. If you are wondering.

Battery Life

To eliminate any complexities with wiring, it's powered with 4 AAA batteries (not included) that can last for at least 365 days. For uninterrupted operation.

Install GUIDE:

Day Operation Mode

If you have to move from one room to another during the day. Our smart system allows you to choose open in and out mode, so the door doesn't lock during the desired time.

Manual Override

While you can have the peace of mind that the lock battery will last for more than a year. If somehow you forget to change the battery cells. You are provided with an emergency key for opening the lock manually.

Ergonomic Design

The Ergonomic design allows you to easily install on almost all door types just with a simple screwdriver and no assistance needed.