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Makeup Fridge

Makeup Fridge

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Utopia For Cosmetics

Meet our Cosmetic Fridge, your one place to store all of your expensive cosmetics and skincare products.

Unlike conventional fridges, this small fridge is built from the ground up to take care of your makeup items. An 8L storage allows you to store a ton of stuff and the overall small packaging allows you to place it near the vanity mirror, on your side table, or literally any place you want. It's small, it's innovative and the fact that you can run it with a car plug and take your makeup to any place safely makes it a perfect buy for having peace of mind of keeping your make-up safe.

You sure your skincare items are taking care of you?


Did you know antioxidants, skincare items, or products containing Vitamin A lose their effectiveness if not placed in optimal temperature in a short time?

And you may end up thinking that the product, you bought wasn't effective enough. Your skin is delicate and it needs utmost care and skincare products changing their effectiveness can have an adverse effect on your face. Good thing, this won't happen anymore. With Cosmetic Fridge, all you need to do is place your skincare items in it. And get the best results for healthy, soft skin.

Two modes for heating and cooling will make sure to meet your needs.

All Your Cosmetics In One Place

With an 8L storage and an ergonomic design, this little fridge is big enough to store all of your makeup essentials while being compact enough to be stored and taken anywhere. Truly genius, isn't it?

Need A Vanity Mirror, You Mean Cosmetic Fridge?


Cosmetic Fridge comes with a Vanity mirror, smart control LEDs and three different lighting modes. Combine this with your makeup stuff taken care of, in the ideal place. You are going to have the best makeup looks. Thanks to Cosmetic Fridge.

Make Skin Care More Rewarding

Either apply a face mask or some skin lotion. Cosmetic Fridge will just make it more fun. It will keep the products at the best temperature for increased effectiveness and a cool temperature will make your nerve constrict a little giving you a soothing calm effect.

Cosmetic Fridge is a must-have for people with itchy skin or eczema. Cooled-up makeup and skincare items taken out of the fridge makes it less sensitive to skin 

Carry Anywhere

Cosmetic Fridge only weighs 2kg so it can be carried anywhere without any problem. You can take it on your vacations. The fridge can be charged by a 12V car charger so you won't have to worry about ruining your cosmetics.

Silent Operation

This cute little fridge is going to be placed in your living rooms or bedrooms. And we knew this. Customer care is always our preference, so that's why our fridge features a noiseless technology. So it does the work without making any disturbance.