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Carbon™️ Perfect Fit Button

Carbon™️ Perfect Fit Button

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Get Fad Looks From Sloppy Looking Pants

✅ Liven Up Your Outfits With Imperfect Waist

✅ Your Favorite Outfit Can Stay Longer With You Now - No Need To Change For A Button Break Or Slight Waist Change

✅ Instantly Apply With Adjustable Nail Free Functioning

✅ Fix Broken Button Without Learning To Sew Or Going To Taylor

✅ Premium Looks With Zinc Alloy Manufacturing


Ever faced a problem with not fitting your favorite pants due to an unfit waist or you don't want to take an entire course on sewing to learn how to change buttons. Carbon™️ Perfect Fit Button are just for you. These are instantly fittable, making them a perfect choice for last-minute alterations on any clothing in your wardrobe.


Carbon™️ Perfect Fit Buttons are ready to rock your favorite outfit every time without worrying. The Zinc Alloy finishing offers you a premium finish with a perfect look.

Button Dimensions: 0.5cm*1.7cm

Package Content:

10 X Carbon™️ Perfect Fit Button