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Winged Tips Without The Struggle

✅ Easily Pull Out The Perfect Cat Eye Look Without Smudges

✅ Stunning Looks With High-Quality Eyeliner

✅ Quick Correction With Eraser Tip

✅ Perfect Eyes All Day - Long Lasting Smudge and Water Proof Formula

✅ 2 Eyeliners Included For Extra Good Looks, Extra Long


Struggling to get your winged tips right? With CopyCat, the easy-to-use Eyeliner Stamp and Eraser for making corrections, you are going to enjoy lots of envious eyes for your flawless eye looks.

CopyCat  comes with a water-resistant smudge-proof formula for a long-lasting flawless looks. With the sharp round tip eraser, you can easily master the perfect look without smudges. Small enough to tuck into your purse, your secret weapons for winged looks travel anywhere with you. Quit struggling to get the looks you want, get your CopyCat today.

Package Content:

1 X CopyCat Stamp + Eyeliner

1 X CopyCat Eraser + Eyeliner