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Couple's Heart™ Bracelet

Couple's Heart™ Bracelet

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Symbolize Your Love In A Cute Way

The Couple's Bracelet comes with a magnetic charm design that attaches to one another once placed closely, representing the intimacy between you and your partner!

Feel The Presence Of Your Love

Every time you two get close to each other. The magnetic hearts attract each other showing the attachment between you two and the love binding you together.

Perfect Romantic Gift

The Couple's Bracelet is a perfect gift for valentines, birthdays, or anniversaries. A simple, thoughtful, and romantic gift, that will spark romance in the air every the hearts attach.

Long-Lasting, Just Like Your Love

Couple's Bracelet is carefully crafted with attention to every detail. Because we know it holds meaning for your relationship. The chain links are made of high-quality stainless steel, so the bracelet won't fade or tarnish and shine bright, just like your love.

Made of Titanium and Tungsten