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Pet Talks

Pet Talks

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Train Your Pet To SPEAK!

Won't it be wonderful, your little doggo talking to you? Being able to tell you if they are hungry or want to play or anything you want to train them with these (More on that below). Sounds like something completely out of a fairytale. Well, hold on and we may have got something similar for you.

A New Voice For Your Pets

Pet Talks is a fun new way to communicate with your furry friend. It's simple, record any word or phrase you want, then train your pet on the command.

✅ Easily Recordable
✅ Infinitely Reusable
✅ A World Of New Training Options

A better bond with your furry friend

Build a deeper bond with your best friend with these easy-to-use, better-sounding dog woof control buttons for communication. Each set comes with 4 different buttons that you can easily record and teach your dog. And a sturdy design ensures that no matter how big your pet is, it won't break.

Easy To Record

The recording process could be done by your pets if only they had thumbs

1. Set the switch on the bottom to ON
2. Long press the main button until you hear a tone
3. You have the 30s of recording time
4. Press the main button to stop recording

Endless Training Options

With your creativity and your pet's ingenuity, you can create a much happier environment for you and your pets. Every pet can use to communicate at least basic things like "Food", "Treat", "Water", "Play" or "Walk". Some more advanced users have trained their dogs to communicate specific desires like "Car Ride" and "Dog Park" Cat parents have created a "Litter" alert.

Your Pets Have So Much More To Say
Now You Can Listen