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Smart LED Shower

Smart LED Shower

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Let's rethink showerheadsmake them a bit interesting.

How about adding some lights? Let's say temperature-controlled lights. And what about a built-in screen for displaying temperature. That can be useful. Now to give power to these, let's add a hydroelectric generator. Seems like stretching too far?

Well, we stretched our imagination. Meet our Smart Shower Head. That comes with a built-in power generator, temperature-sensitive LEDs, and a digital temperature display.

Non-Stop Fun

A build-in hydroelectric generator will eliminate the hassle of replacing batteries and it will work as long as the water is running through the showerhead. So, the fun never stops. You will also be getting a clear indication of temperature. A relaxing warm shower in these amazing LED Lights is going to make your day.

No Accidental Stepping

If your body is sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Or do you want to give showers to young ones'? This is the perfect pick for you. You don't have to touch water, again and again, to get to know the temperature or accidentally step into a shower with a temperature your body isn't comfortable with. With our Smart Shower Head, all you need to de is turn it on and just wait for the optimal temperature to appear on our LED Display. And you are good to go.

Kids Are Gonna Love It

Let's be honest. No one will be getting more excited than kids in your house. The LED lights are sensitive to temperature and will keep them engaged. With our SMART SHOWER HEAD, shower time is surely gonna be fun time for your kids.